Development, Manufacturing & Supply of Track-Etched Membrane Filters

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hydrophilic, hydrophobic or tissue culture treated surface     >

transparent or translucent in white, black or gray colour     >

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Competences and Activities

Manufacturing, processing and conversion of track-etched polymer membrane filters:

  • finished products tailored to customer applications
  • wide range of products – white, black, transparent
  • various materials available – polycarbonate, polyester, polyimide
  • wide selection of specifications – porosity, pore size, thickness, pore alignment

Knowledge and Expertise

With over 30 years of experience, it4ip S.A. is a leader in track-etching technology with knowledge gained through product customisation sustained by state-of-the-art research and development activities.

Our team continuously improves products and manufacturing machines to serve customer needs.

Strong Capabilities and High Quality

Thanks to our several in-house etching lines, we possess a strong capacities for production.  All our products are manufactured and converted in a clean room environment and under a strict quality control.

We commonly supply our products all over the world.

View our corporate video for complementary information:

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